Memorial Stone

Kaufman Park Senior Men's League

Past, Present, Future

The Senior Men’s League is believed to have started in the mid 1980’s by Bill Taylor and Dick Acker.

Every day around noon, a group of retirees would meet at the course to play a round of golf, socialize, and

“solve the world’s problems”.  Many of these men are honored on the newly erected memorial stone shown in

the picture.  If you had a family member that golfed with this group and would like to add his name, email

The Senior Men’s League is still active today with several current golfers pictured.  They still meet every weekday, a little before noon to draw cards and determine the day’s groups.  Some walk; some ride.  Some are able to play 9 holes; some choose to only chip and putt.  Some play most weekdays: some may play only once a week.  Most of the scores are in the 40’s along with a few in the upper 30’s or low 50’s.

If you are interested in golfing with this group and have questions, call Mike Raney at 309 224 8470.  Otherwise, we will see you at the clubhouse before 11:45 (9:45 when the temperatures are forecasted in the 90’s) and we’ll get you grouped!