Baleigh Rossman

KPGC is pleased to announce that we have hired Baleigh Rossman as our new golf course Superintendent. Many of you know Baleigh, as she has been assisting Tim Getz the past several years. Tim continues to serve on the Board of Directors and is stepping into more of an advisory role and will continue to consult, as needed. We thank him for his tireless efforts the last several years as Superintendent - without Tim, KPGC would not be where it is today. His expertise and hard work brought the course back from the brink of extinction. Baleigh’s responsibilities will be caring for the course grounds and course maintenance. The Board of Directors continue to manage all clubhouse affairs. 

A few words from Baleigh…

“In 2015, I started working in the clubhouse not knowing a single thing about golf. In 2017, along with continuing to work in the clubhouse, I started working grounds under Tim Getz and ever since it has been my dream to be the Superintendent of KPGC. I’ve seen KPGC at its absolute lowest and now, at its highest. Tim’s hard work and dedication to this place has brought it to where it is today and it’s my privilege to maintain it to the best of my ability going forward, using everything I have learned from him about course management and greens keeping. To this day, golf has become my passion and I pride myself in KPGC. It’s a lot of work but the reward is incredible. I’m so excited for this golf season and I thank you all for the support!”